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Eduskill Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Eduskill as a company established in 2013, and one of India's leading Edtech Service Provider, Eduskill is passionate about changing the landscape of the Education & Skilling Ecosystem. We are particularly skilled and experienced in Whole School transformation, Corporate Training, Industry Specific Skill Development Projects, Campus Placement and consulting for organizations with high growth aspirations. We are distribution partner with Udacity a silicon valley company dedicated to democratising future skills technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Block Chain, Full Stack development through self paced mentor and project driven training programme and with Cambridge University press UK, to enhance communication skills. The uniqueness of this programme is to prepare the students with future skills with enhanced confidence due to technology complemented with Communication skills and provide them with ample employment opportunity of the future. Eduskill is an authorized Key distributor ofUdacity in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal forfuture tech skills and initiating variouscampaigns such as a hackathon,scholarship, events, campus placement, jobfairs, testing, and assessment, and bootcamps


Udacity began as an experiment in online learning, when Stanford instructors Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig elected to offer their "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" course online to anyone, for free. Over 160,000 students in more than 190 countries enrolled. The potential to educate at a global scale was awe-inspiring, and Udacity was founded to pursue a mission to democratize education. It would take several years of intensive iteration and experimentation to clarify our focus on career advancement through mastery of in-demand skills, but today, Udacity proudly offers aspiring learners across the globe the opportunity to participate in—and contribute to—some of the most exciting and innovative fields in the world.


Since 1698 been governed by the Press 'Syndics' (originally known as the Curators), 18 senior members of the University of Cambridge who, along with various co-optees, bring a range of subject and business expertise to the governance of the Press. Committees of the Syndicate meet regularly to look at publishing proposals, ensuring that the content being published meets rigorous academic standards

Aparajito Enablers Ltd

Aparajito Enablers Ltd, is a single point contact for the students who undertake this course. Aparajito will coordinate the entire admissions process, funding process for the students who want to avail loan.