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Single Deposit Protection Scheme

A single time insurance Premium from Aparajito that will secure life insurance and savings protection.

At MetLife Bangladesh, we offer a life insurance Policy that is exclusively designed and only offered to cater to the needs of our loyal customers who are approaching a partial or full maturity of their existing Policy with us. With the net maturity proceeds they may further enhance the protection and/or replace it with this insurance Policy tailor-made with unique features. The Single Deposit Protection Scheme (SDPS) which is a savings and life insurance Policy that also provides an attractive maturity value as well as valuable accidental Benefits.

  • For the life insurance coverage under SDPS, a one-time Premium charge is deducted upfront from the collected single deposit. The net amount then goes into the individual account of the SDPS Policy and keeps growing with investment yield credited to the account periodically.
  • SDPS also provides for Accidental Death, Accidental Permanent Partial Disability, and Accidental Permanent Total Disability.
  • In addition to life and Accidental Benefits, SDPS further provides Maturity Benefits.
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