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Retirement LifeLine

MetLife’s LifeLine Policy is centred around one thing: you. LifeLine is a Policy built to ensure your retired life is as comfortable as you are now. LifeLine provides you with regular income for all your living and medical expenses.

You will pay premium for a certain period of time when you are working and earning to receive pension income from MetLife for a long period of time after you retire.

  • On top of the basic Face Amount, your Policy may be eligible for Policy bonuses.
  • Policy loan facility during premium payment phase is available if you need one
  • Additional Accidental Benefits through Personal Accident Coverage are available by paying additional premiums
  • You will also have option to add other insurance Benefits by paying additional premium.
  • Income tax savings on your paid premium, subject to Tax Laws / Rules of Bangladesh Government. Please consult your tax advisor for confirmation and advice.
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